Escape Plan

Burglar to Buddha; Breaking & Awakening – The Show

Breaking the boundaries of the self-development industry and current teaching methods, we plan to deliver educational, mind shifting perspectives with a exciting and influential approach. Our show is an invitation to an inner psychological journey we can all take if chosen. Delivering relevant insights into the human condition and philosophical views on reality, Simon shares transparent stories that will entertain and empower the audience to take steps towards celebrating their own magnificence while making a positive difference in the world.

Burglar to Buddha; Breaking & Awakening – The Book

Seeking a writer’s agent & publisher. This book will transparently reveal the journey from Burglar to Buddha, the challenges, the fears, the characters, the lessons and principles of life picked up along the way. This is a true story written to inspire the youth of today to make awakened decisions and for them to realise the power and influence they have on culture and society. This book will encourage the reader to communicate transparently thus having consideration for themselves and every living thing.

Burglar to Buddha; Breaking & Awakening – A Cinematic Film

Once the book is written it shall be adapted into a screenplay and then into pre production. You all know the power and influence film has on society and culture. This film isn’t just another rag to riches story. This is a life-changing tale. We are tired of seeing the glorification of drugs, crime, sex and violence in films of today. We must all take responsibility to create new stories, for it is our cultural values and failings as a society that leads youngsters into crime and gang violence. This films message will touch the lives of the younger generation and create new role models, responsible role models with integrity and compassion.