Our mission is to tour the globe sharing this unique transparent story through a medley of live theatre, visual entertainment, inspiring storytelling and empowering speech.

It’s our passion to contribute to the cure of human psychological dysfunction by taking the responsibility to inspire the youth of today to make awakened decisions and realise the power and influence they have on culture and society. We plan to educate and empower individuals to live with awareness, compassion and integrity. Our children, the youth of today and the choices they make will determine the path forward for generations to come.

Through “Transparent Communication” we shall uniquely awaken people’s minds delivering down to earth and relevant wisdom to educate and inspire individuals to see their magnificence. Through “transparent communication” we invite people to own their story, use it and let it go. Through acknowledgement, self-love and forgiveness we can accept and let go of all that is limiting our life experience.

This is a project to support people who have found themselves in life situations which are dysfunctional and destructive. Its to raise light and awareness on criminals (not just the criminals who commit criminal offences) but all crimes on society. More often than not the real criminals are never labelled criminal.

What is transparent communication you may ask?

Transparent communication is the language of truth. It’s the art of communicating the “fullness of your being wholeheartedly”. It comprises of multiple principles of living and ways in which we make fear our friend. When truly embodied transparent communication has the ability to transform your life forever.

We are developing a curriculum of transparent communication. Simon is a transparent communication enthusiast, all his projects are built upon this transparent foundation. You can view more of his writing and videos at Simonpaulsutton.com