Simon Paul Sutton

Simon’s down to earth, honest and light hearted attitude is truly affectionate. His unique way of delivering “tools for life” makes him an excellent teacher and supporter. He has a natural flare to connect with people from all walks of life. Through sharing his full story, with no regrets or judgment only forgiveness and enthusiasm is truly refreshing and inspiring for the youth of today.

“People don’t want information. They want guidance”

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A note from Simon

We are alive at very interesting times of evolution, so much information being shared. So many theories as to what is happening on the planet. We are experiencing financial, economical, ecological, energy and health care crisis along with psychological collapse. Some people say we are on a knife-edge of existence and depending on our choices as a collective will determine our continuation or extinction as a species. As the truth continues to emerge systems of society are crumbling. Cultural values need revaluating so that the ills of our past do not repeat themselves over and over again. We are literally writing history in this very moment. We must all take universal responsibility to create new stories, for it is our cultural values and failings as a society that leads us into crime and violence. “Burglar to Buddha” is one man’s answer to the question “Will you be part of the cure or cause of humanities extinction”.

“Bold and original, Burglar to Buddha pushes the boundaries of “motivational speech”.